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Also Festival

Also Festival Image Credits: Image by Denys Nevozhai from Unsplash

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Also Festival encourages you to live like you own the place in a wild but sculpted park land. 

You will have the chance to get up close and personal with the UKs greatest thinkers, to eat in a candle lit dining tent, to bond with your friends and family in the bunker made of hay, to take a workshop in something fascinating, to swim in the absolutely wild, to drink wine in the midsummer light of the lake side bar and to find new ways you might live more fully, enjoy what you have and feel more alive.

We have included the website link for you to find out all of the details and schedule to make your visit a very memorable experience.

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28 August 2020

Start Date:
28 August,2020
End Date:
31 August,2020
Event Website:
United Kingdom - England

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