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Ambrosian (Milan) Carnival

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The Ambrosian Carnival, also known as Milan Carnival is a special festival in Milan that follows the Ambrosian Rite and it is celebrated a week after the Venice Carnival.

The Milan Carnival offers its audience plenty of amusement, parades, concerts, street performances, music, dance performances, and much more. The main parade is a crowd favorite with all sorts of performances in the display.

As part of the local tradition, a long parade crosses the city streets on Saturday afternoon up to piazza del Duomo, featuring the participation of some of the most well-loved masks from the local culture.

If you're planning to visit any of these cities during the time of the carnivals, make sure that you've booked your hotel in advance. 

Add Ambrosian Carnival in Italy to your bucket list and have an experience you will always remember.  

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