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Arizona Renaissance Festival

Arizona Renaissance Festival
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The Arizona Renaissance Festival is one of the most interactive entertainment shows ever created with wonderful amusements and antics on going all around you. 

Enjoy non-stop entertainment presented on 14 stages every event day, each show packed with a unique mix of comedy, music and mischievous antics. Dancing, circus performers, jousting knights on horseback, and so much more are on the awaited list for the entertainment of participants and visitors. 

Sit back and relax or become a part of the action as you are surrounded by over 2,000 costumed characters roaming the festival village. You never know what is going to happen, on stage or off... Rub shoulders with the King & Queen, banter with the Village Fool, watch the Birds of Prey or dance with the gypsies. 

Enjoy swordplay, wordplay, raucous music and roaring comedy at the Royal Fair. It is a mix foolish pleasures with artisan treasures. The village marketplace has over 200 elaborately adorned shops offering an array of goods. 

Find unique hand made items such as blown glass, premium leather goods, and jewelry and watch artisans work as they create a masterpiece right before your eyes with a marketplace featuring over 200 artisans displaying a variety of unique, hand-made wares with ancient skills of glassblowing, leather work, weaving, woodcarving, blacksmiths, candle making and pottery are displayed. 

Please note : This event runs from 8th February until 29th March.

For more details on this enchanting event, please click on the events website link we have provided. 

01 March 2020


Start Date:
01 March,2020
End Date:
29 March,2020
Event Website:
North America
United States

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