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Auckland Lantern Festival

Auckland Lantern Festival Image Credits: Starz Hutch

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Auckland Lantern Festival is a show that celebrates the Chinese spirit of gaiety and light which invites everyone to come out and just light their lantern to welcome prosperity and happiness with more than800 handmade Chinese lanterns. 

Auckland Lantern Festival even includes spectacular illumination of hundreds of handmade Chinese lanterns with availability of local delicious Asian food and crafts. 

Visitors shall be amazed with stunning performances of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture including martial arts, dance and live music from international and local performers irrespective of their age, status and background.

We have provided the link to the event website for you to find all the details you will require for your visit.

We would like to thank GoWhereWhen.com community member Starz Hutch for their fantastic shot taken at the event.

You can see more of her excellent Instagram account here.

Coronavirus is causing a number of event cancellations; we provide event website links on each page for you to check the latest updates.

See our Coronavirus page here.

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