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Billabong Pipeline Masters

Billabong Pipeline Masters Image Credits: Image by Jackson Groves

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The Billabong Pipeline Masters is a surfing event held annually in Oahu, Hawaii. 

Each year, it attracts the top 34 surfers from The World Surf League (WSL) as well as surfers who compete in walk-on trials. 

Oahu's North Shore is an incredible setting for this amazing surfing experience.

We would like to thank GoWhereWhen.com community member Jackson Groves for his review and amazing shot from the Billabong Pipeline Masters.

You can see more of Jackson's travel adventures on his excellent travel blog Journey Era here.

Each year as winter approaches, the North Shore of Oahu receives some booming waves and is home to the Billabong Pipeline Masters. This surfing event is held annually and is the final stop on the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour. The competition takes place at Banzai Pipeline beach on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, USA. Often the world's best surfer is crowned as the champion at this event.

The event first rant in 1971 and the top 34 surfers from the WSL compete in the event each year for a share of the US 525,000 prize money. The event runs from the 9-19 of December each year.

Spectators gather in thousands on the shore to watch the surfers carve through barrels and compete in head-to-head battles on their way through multiple rounds to reach the finals and compete for the crown. In a relaxed atmosphere on the beach, there is no entrance fee, vendors, or marketing. This keeps true to the core of surfing and makes it one of the purest sporting events in the world.

The sound of the booming waves sends a shiver down the spine of the spectators as they cheer on local favorites and listen to the commentary over the loudspeaker. Waves can be well over 30ft and crash down onto a shallow reef, making this one of the most dramatic and dangerous breaks in the world. 

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08 December 2021

Start Date:
08 December,2021
End Date:
20 December,2021
Event Website:
North America
United States

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