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Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival is a five day long extravaganza that is viewed as the benchmark against which every other carnival is compared and one of the most amazing experiences on the planet. 

Dating back to the early 1700's this is THE carnival to try and visit once in your lifetime. Over 2 million people will hit the streets every day to be part of this unique event.

During the five days, each day and night has its own theme and local relevance. Participants and visitors get lost in the heady rhythms and mesmerising beats of the bands and the drummers, whilst the dancers, the floats and the flag bearers create a visual feast you will never forget. 

Some prefer to hire a guide for the best local knowledge but most just do some homework and dive into what truly is the experience of a lifetime.      

We have provided the event website link for you to find out more.

21 February 2020


Start Date:
21 February,2020
End Date:
29 February,2020
Event Website:
South America

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