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Venice Carnival

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What is the Venice Carnival?

Famous for its elaborate masks and masquerade ball, the annual Venice Carnival has been bringing glamour and drama to the Italian city since the 11th century.

Events are organized all around the city over two weeks and visitors can expect to see colorful costume parades, mask contests, free museum tours, and so much more. 

Indulge in some Chiacchiere di Carnevale (Crostoli biscuits) and Graffe Napoletane (Italian donuts) while you wander the Floating City’s beautiful streets and canals.

This special event really is a highlight of the Italian winter season. If you need any excuse to visit this gorgeous city, the Venice Carnival should be at the top of your list!

Need to know

As with any popular festival, book your accommodation early to get the best prices and avoid disappointment.

Did you know?

No motor transport is allowed in Venice’s historic center, so the best way to get around is on foot or by one of the city’s famous gondolas. You need a professional license to become a gondolier and only about three or four are granted each year. Not surprising since it takes around 400 hours of training to get one along with an exam to pass Venetian history and architecture.

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04 February 2023


Start Date:
04 February,2023
End Date:
21 February,2023
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