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Chichibu Night Festival

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What is the Chichibu Night Festival?

Chichibu Night Festival is a festival of lanterns, floats and portable shrines that is held at Chichibu Shrine in Saitama prefecture every year on December 2 and 3. 

The festival dates back over 350 years and is one of the Kanto area's most spectacular events, drawing huge crowds each year. Festival goers come from near and far to watch the massive floats, that weigh between 10 and 20 tons, being pulled through Chichibu's main avenue to the sound of drum and flute music. 

On the final evening of the festival there is a huge fireworks display that lasts for over two hours! This really is a unique event not to be missed.

Need to know

The best way to get to the Chichibu festival is by train.  The festival takes place in downtown Chichibu, right outside Chichibu and Seibu-Chichibu railway stations.

Did you know?

The Chichibu Yomatsuri is said to be one of Japan's three great hikiyama, or float festivals, but it it the only one that takes place during winter. The other main float festivals are the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto and Takayama Matsuri in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture . 

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