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Chocolate Extravaganza

Chocolate Extravaganza

Chocolate tasting is believed to be like an art form and exceptional chocolate deserves much appreciation in its various subtleties.

So if you want to experience it with all your senses, then the Chocolate Extravaganza is the place to be for Chocolate lovers and Amateur.

The present participants and visitors as well as the audience will get to view the entries, observe the commitment of our chocolate judges and, finally, you can choose the tempting chocolate samples you'd like to try!

Participants must note that Judges shall take notice of the chocolate color and the silky-smooth feel of chocolate should not be rough or grainy.

The scent of chocolate should have an intense aroma. But, what all love mostly is the taste that will melt in the mouth and deliver the chocolate flavor that will engage one's senses.

Thus, it is a golden opportunity to see the best chocolaty recipes stack up against the competition in the Chocolate Extravaganza Bake-Off.

This contest is always a huge draw with competitors coming from all over southeastern Wisconsin to the delight of judges and event goers alike!

The entries will be judged, amateur winners selected and prizes awarded in categories for both adults and children. After the judging is complete and the winners named, all of the entries will be sliced for sampling by event attendees!

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