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Columbus Food Truck Festival

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The Columbus Food Truck Festival is a much-awaited summer foodie event in Ohio. It lasts for two days where over 65 of the best Food Trucks are featured with entertainment, live music and Arts Crafts & Design for all ages on the Scioto Mile. This is the 9th edition of the festival and every year it attracts thousands of people. The Columbus Food Truck Festival event also showcases food truck, pushcarts, food trailers, and Mobile. So join your friends and family in getting a flavour of the festival and witness the flamboyant display of art, craft, music and food vendors. Go check out what delicious food is rolling around on the streets of Columbus this weekend. For specific timings and event details, we have included a link for further information.  

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14 August 2020

Start Date:
14 August,2020
End Date:
15 August,2020
Event Website:
North America
United States

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