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Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling

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What is The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll?

Every May, thousands of spectators will gather at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, located in the southwest of England to watch The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll. Now officially classed as an extreme sport, this is an annual race that attracts people from all over the globe who come to watch a Double Gloucester wheel of cheese being chased down a 200-yard long hill!

Upwards of 40 contests annually attempt to chase the rolling cheese for what may be the strangest competition in the history of mankind! The first chaser to get to the bottom of the hill wins the contest and a whole lot of cheese, literally.

Need to know

England’s weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared for a sunny morning or a rainy day so be sure to pack your sunglasses, an umbrella and a raincoat to cover all bases. It’s about a mile long walk to the event across a field so make sure you also wear comfy shoes.

Did you know?

Cheese rolling is believed to be at least six hundred years old. Nobody quite knows how it started. Some say it was a way to claim grazing rights on the common land around Cooper's Hill, others believe it could have been a fertility ritual.

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