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Cordova Iceworm Festival

Cordova Iceworm Festival Image Credits: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Bq2J0JrjrUg/UvPk6wrLjcI/AAAAAAAAVjQ/rTiSjehDy-I/s1600/iceworm.jpg

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The Cordova Iceworm Festival was created in 1961 by a few great Cordovans who were itching to lift the spirits of those down with the winter blues. Little did they know that the festival would grow to attract people from all across the world! 

What once was a two or three day party has transformed into a week long gathering, put on by the Iceworm Board and the entire community of Cordova. This is an event for all ages and plenty of fun to go around!

There's a whole host of free, fun and family friendly entertainment for everyone.

We have provided the event website link for you to find out more.  

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