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Coupe Icare Masquerade Contest

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What is the Coupe Icare Masquerade Contest?

The Coupe Icare is a week of air sports and other activities in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, located southeast of Lyon, France. 

For the Masquerade, things turn up a notch. Since 1983, the masquerade has been the highlight of the week, with costumed fliers taking to the air in in hang gliders and paragliders. 

Need to Know

Along with the masquerade, there are many events at the Coupe Icare like the Icare Cinema and Icare Balloons that shouldn't be missed.

Check out the link for more information about this unique event. 

Coronavirus is causing a number of event cancellations; we provide event website links on each page for you to check the latest updates.

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12 September 2021

Start Date:
12 September,2021
End Date:
19 September,2021
Event Website:

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