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Dells Rare Barrel Affair

Dells Rare Barrel Affair Image Credits: Liz Analla

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Featuring rare and barrel aged beers alongside the classic Wisconsin beers, the Dells Rare Barrel Affair brings Wisconsin brewers together for a springtime celebration of the brewer's art. 

The boldest of bocks, the finest of funk, and the trust of tradition is all on display for the craft beer novice and the rare beer seekers alike.

Don't miss this truly unique event.

We wish to thank GoWhereWhen.com community member Liz Analla for her photo taken at the Dells Rare Barrel Affair.

You can see more of her travels and tastings here.

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24 April 2021

Start Date:
24 April,2021
End Date:
24 April,2021
Event Website:
North America
United States

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