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Basel Fasnacht

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The Carnival of Basel is the biggest carnival in Switzerland and takes place annually between February and March in Basel. 

It has been listed as one of the top fifty local festivities in Europe. Basel is turned upside-down during what locals call the three best days in the year. 

Everything starts on the Monday after Ash Wednesday and the popular Morgestraich turns the city centre into a sea of illuminated, hand-painted lanterns, where thousands of costumed pipers and drummers accompany their lantern and their theme with music through the streets.

Basel Fasnacht runs for exactly 72 hours! No more, no less. The active participants go all out between midnight and 4 a.m. and enjoy this additional Fasnacht highlight to the full.  

This is truly a must-see event. Read more about this carnival by clicking on the link we've provided.

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22 February 2021

Start Date:
22 February,2021
End Date:
25 February,2021
Event Website:

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