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Festa De Iemanja

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Every year, many people gather to celebrate the Festival of Iemanja, the goddess of the sea in Brazil. 

It's one of the most popular religious festivals in Brazilian culture, attracting large crowds who come to pay homage to the goddess.

The biggest celebration happens in Salvador on February 2.  Followers of the Candomblia religion perform rituals and offer gifts to the goddess at the edge of the sea.  Gifts are said to be flowers and beauty products like makeup, perfume and jewelry.  Food and little statues of Iemanja are also sent out to sea.  

The legend goes that if your gift is washed up back to the shore, then it was rejected by the goddess.  But will be blessed if she accepts your offering, or in translation, continues to be swept in the sea.  

Those who joined the festivities are all dressed in white or blue, or the colors attributed to Iemanja.  Dancing and singing also ensue as hundreds to thousands of people come together and take part in the celebration. 

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02 February 2023


Start Date:
02 February,2023
End Date:
02 February,2023
Event Website:
South America

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