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Festival De Las Calaveras

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What is Festival De Las Calaveras?

Festival De Las Calaveras is an annual week-long celebration in late October/early November that takes place in Aguascalientes, Mexico and is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead is a uniquely Mexican celebration with origins dating back some 3000 years and welcomes back the souls of departed loved ones.

This festival also celebrates local artist José Guadalupe Posada who is best known for his illustrations of calaveras or skulls which have become iconic images associated with Day of the Dead Celebrations. The festival is filled with music and art exhibitions, but the highlight is the Parade of the Skulls, a joyous revelry filled with dazzling costumes, impressive floats and vibrant dancers.

Did You Know?

Aguascalientes is home to the National Museum of Death. Only opened in 2007 the museum has quickly established itself as a cultural icon. Visitors are taken through a history of death from pre-Colombian times to the present – a must visit for anyone attending Festival De Las Calaveras

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29 October 2021

Start Date:
29 October,2021
End Date:
07 November,2021
Event Website:
North America

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