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Fil Loxera Festival

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What is the Fil Loxera Festival?

Ever year on September 7, locals in Sant Sadurni d'Anova, located west of Barcelona, gather for a fiery festival to celebrate ridding their vineyards of the phylloxera (aphid-like insect) plague.

The festival starts out with fireworks, followed by giant phylloxera (people of the town in costume) passing through the streets, alight with fireworks on their antennas. 

Revelers clad in yellow can enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Need to Know

Because fire is involved with the festival, precaution is needed. You will want to wear a bandana around your face for the smoke. 

Did you Know?

Grape phylloxerae are aphid-like insects native to North America. On native American grapevines, the tiny insects do little harm. But when the bugs found their way to Europe, the results were devastating across the continent. 

When the insect first arrived in France in the mid-nineteenth century, it was almost impossible to find the source of the problem because the almost-invisible insects were affecting the roots underground. 

Once the cause of the problem was discovered, a large cash prize was offered but one was never found.

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07 September 2021

Start Date:
07 September,2021
End Date:
07 September,2021

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