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Ice Alaska World Ice Art Championships

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Founded in April 1990, to continue the tradition of Ice Sculpting in Interior Alaska. The tradition began with the early celebrations of spring involving Ice Thrones for the Winter Carnivals of the 1930s. 


The annual event hosts over 100 ice artists, representing 9 countries and, many states of the United States. 


In past years, artists from 45 countries have competed in the World Ice Art Championships. The result will be over 100 competition sculptures and exhibition pieces, and the ever-expanding playful ice attractions in the Kids Park.


The contest is the largest of its kind in the world and attended by more than 100 sculptors from 30 different countries every year. The contest also draws tens of thousands of spectators; in 2004, 48,000 people from more than 28 countries passed through the park's gates. 


Please note: This event runs from 15th February until 31st March.


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15 February 2021

Start Date:
15 February,2021
End Date:
28 February,2021
Event Website:
North America
United States

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