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Jarramplas Festival (Turnip-Throwing Festival)

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What is the Jarramplas Festival?

Every year on the 19th and 20th of January, a devil-like character runs around the village of Piornal, western Spain. The "devil," glad in a colorful costume, conical mask, two horns and a big nose, is pelted by villagers with turnips. 

The person who plays the devil is someone from the village, which is a highly coveted position, with a 20-year waitlist. 

The origins of the festival are unknown, but there are three theories. The most commonly believed is a legend that tells the story of a devil-like character, who stole and killed cattle of the inhabitants and got punished for that.

Need to Know

Piornal is located northeast of Plasencia, which would be a great place to base your stay to visit the festival. 

Did you Know

It's estimated that 22 tons of turnips are thrown each year. 

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19 January 2022

Start Date:
19 January,2022
End Date:
20 January,2022

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