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Moscow Maslenitsa Festival

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Maslenitsa festival is one of the most awaited festivals of Russia. It is otherwise known as Butter Week, Pancake week, or Cheesefare Week. 

This festival has got a very significant inner meaning which connects it to the celebration of the end of Russia's long winter. At the same time, the dual ancestry of the event as both a Pagan and a Christian celebration adds extra flavor to it. 

Though this festival goes back to Pagan times, the present-day celebrations have assimilated the Christian tradition of Shrovetide pancakes.

It is a week-long carnival where you would find traditional troikas through the snow-filled streets, parades of Russian fairytale characters, open-air theatre, dancing, fireworks and folk songs. 

Each day of the week-long festivities has a specific theme around which the activities revolve. The long craved season is welcomed with the torching of the scarecrow of winter. 

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