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Mexico City Pride Parade

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What is the Mexico City Pride Parade?

Every June Mexico City Gay Pride, or Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México, as it's known locally, turns the city into a sea of color and vibrancy with a host of LGBTQ+ events, including the unmissable Pride Parade. 

As with all pride parades, Mexico City's is as much a celebration, as it is a political demonstration, where LGBTQ+ issues can be given a spotlight.

Need to know

The parade starts at the Angel of Independence in Zona Rosa, and typically will wind its way through the city streets before reaching the city’s iconic Zocalo. 

Did you know?

Mexico City Pride is one of the biggest and wildest pride events in the whole of Latin America! It's only second to São Paulo Pride, attracting roughly 250,000 people each year.

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With so much experience under its belt, it comes as no surprise that Mexico City Pride knows how to throw a good time. While there are plenty of parties taking place in the bars and clubs populating the Zona Rosa neighborhood, we have to say the Pride Parade is the highlight of the weekend celebration. T So are you sold on Mexico City Gay Pride? We thought so!

24 June 2023


Start Date:
24 June,2023
End Date:
25 June,2023
Event Website:
North America

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