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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox

Major League Baseball or MLB is the oldest sports league in North America. 30 Teams from both the United States and Canada contest what is without doubt the highest quality of baseball anywhere on the globe.

The teams and their stadiums are household names and the biggest stars become legends revered for their brilliance at the sport. The gruelling schedule with each team playing 162 fixtures in the main season plus the spring training matches and the post season play-offs means that MLB is the most accessible premium sports league in North America to get a ticket to see.

Almost 70 million people will watch an MLB game this year, making it the highest attendance sporting league in the world. Getting a seat for the World Series will prove a different challenge altogether, but any game you get to see will be an amazing experience that anyone visiting the USA or Canada must try to attend at least once in their lives.

We have listed the MLB website link here for you to make your choice of game and start the planning for a very memorable experience.

24 September 2020


Start Date:
24 September,2020
End Date:
24 September,2020
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North America
United States

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