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Golden Eagle Festival

Golden Eagle Festival Image Credits: Barbara Hetler Robert

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The Golden Eagle Festival is an annual traditional festival held in Mongolia.

Rocky mountainous terrain forms the backdrop to the festivities, which incorporate an opening ceremony, parade, cultural exhibitions, demonstrations and handcrafts in the centre of the town of Olgii, followed by sporting activities and competitions.

With over a thousand visitors from all over the world coming to take part in this unique spectacle, ceremonies, dance performances, parade, Kazakh play are held in honor of the hunters and their eagles.

Prizes are awarded for speed and accuracy, as well as for the best traditional Kazakh dress, and more. A unique, once in a lifetime experience not to be missed !

We would like to thank GoWhereWhen.com community member Barbara Hetler Robert for her incredible image taken at this very special event.

You can see more of her excellent Instagram account here.

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