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Mummers Parade

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In Philly for the New Year's? You're in luck as you get to witness the Mummers Parade. 


Once prohibited with a city act in the early 19th century, this well-celebrated tradition dates back to 1790 when then President George Washington started to receive visits from mummers. What was once an unsynchronized celebration became a harmonious parade of people competing from various clubs. 


The participants devote months to writing their skits, rehearsing their acts as well as crafting their costumes.


This folk parade has four performance areas where you can listen to live string bands, admire colorful costumes and grand floats, chuckle at humorous satires and watch productions with high-level Broadway showmanship. 


The mummers strut, sashay or twirl down the longest street in Philadelphia leaving nothing but fun and merriment.


For a map of the longest-running parade in the United States, click on the event website link provided on this page and plan your next unforgettable experience!


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01 January 2021

Start Date:
01 January,2021
End Date:
01 January,2021
Event Website:
North America
United States

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