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Night of the Radishes

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The Night of the Radishes or (Noche de Rabanos) is an annual Oaxacan contest that takes place on Christmas Market Day in the City of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Local people and artists create carved figures of radishes which are put forward to compete within several categories. 

The radishes used in the Night of the Radishes carvings are grown to be larger than normal to facilitate this quirky festival.

They are harvested and artists have a few days to work on their designs before returning to display their creations. This custom has grown into a well-renowned contest between skilled craftsmen.

The exhibition is held annually on December 23, previously known mostly as the Vigil of Christmas, and nowadays named "Radish Night."

Three winners are chosen from each category and awarded with cash prizes. This is a fun and slightly off-the-wall experience to take in on your travels. 

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