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Palio Di Siena

Palio Di Siena Image Credits: Image by Michael Anfang from unsplash

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Palio Di Siena is a world famous spectacle that is held on two occasions each Summer in the beautiful Tuscan town of Siena. 

The Palio actually takes place over 4 days with the main race taking place on the fourth day. 

Ten horses and their bareback riders take part in the main race, each wearing the traditional colours of the 'contrade' or ward of the city. 

The "Tratta" is held on the first day with hundreds of horses and jockeys coming to race against each other within the unique muddy clay race course set around the picturesque square, Piazza Del Campo, with thousands of spectators circling the square and watching on from the balconies. 

The Palio Di Siena is a spectacle within a setting that you will always remember having visited, a genuine experience of a lifetime.  

We would like to thank GoWhereWhen.com community member Cialeun for his amazing shot taken at the Palio.

You can see much more of his fantastic Instagram account here.

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02 July 2021

Start Date:
02 July,2021
End Date:
02 July,2021
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