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Paso Del Fuego (Fire Walking Festival)

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What is Paso Del Fuego?

On June 23, villagers in San Pedro Manrique walk over the hot embers of a bonfire barefoot. 

Starting at 9 pm, two thousand kilos (4409 pounds) of oak are burned, then at 11:30 they are spread into an even layer where locals can take the precariously walk across. There are usually about 10 to 12 villagers who choose to walk across, and usually carry another person on their back to prevent burning. 

Along with the fire-walkers, there are also women dressed in white with wicker baskets carrying long breadsticks. These women are said to represent ancient priestesses of the Celtiberian tribes.

Need to Know

Paso Del Fuego takes place in chapel Virgen de la Peña, outside the city of Soria in northern Spain. It would be best to rent a car to get to the festival, as buses outside the city are limited. 

Did you Know 

Tradition says that those who walk on the coals achieve immortality and only the locals don't get burnt.

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23 June 2022

Start Date:
23 June,2022
End Date:
24 June,2022

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