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Pirates Week Festival

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What is Pirate Week Festival?

Ahoy matey! Pirate Week celebrates the pirate and maritime history of the Cayman Islands with a huge range of themed events and activities. Highlights include a pirate landing and float parade, costume competitions and a cardboard regatta. Alongside fireworks, live music and lots of local treats there are also beach clean-ups, underwater treasure hunts and boat parties. Pirate Week is a celebration of pirate folklore and fantasy with activities and events suitable for all ages.

Need to Know

This festival island hops! Pirate Week comes to each of the three Cayman Islands – so make sure you check the dates to know what is happening and where.

Did You Know?

Christopher Columbus is the first European to record coming to the Cayman Islands in 1503 – but the islands would remain uninhabited until the 1660s. Pirates were active in and around the islands for hundreds of years – including Edward Teach or Blackbeard. Legend has it that Blackbeard’s treasure is still hidden on Cayman Brac. 

Coronavirus is causing a number of event cancellations; we provide event website links on each page for you to check the latest updates.

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11 November 2021

Start Date:
11 November,2021
End Date:
21 November,2021
Event Website:
Cayman Islands

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