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Pushkar Camel Fair

The epic Pushkar Camel Fair is one of India's most colorful, exciting competitions with thousands of camels converging on the tiny desert town of Pushkar, in India's state of Rajasthan, for this annual event.

You can witness camels as they are dressed up, paraded around, entered into beauty contests, and raced. 

There's also a huge carnival with musicians, magicians, dancers, acrobats, snake charmers, and carousel rides. You can also watch the tradition of traders selling their livestock, including camels, horses, cows, sheep, and goats. And go shopping at the handicraft stalls filled with handmade bracelets, clothes, and textiles.

The event is an important pilgrimage season for Hindus to the Pushkar Lake. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that is like no other, so don't miss it!

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22 November 2020


Start Date:
22 November,2020
End Date:
30 November,2020
Event Website:

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