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Samhuinn Fire Festival

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What is the Samhuinn Fire Festival? 

On Halloween Night, Samhuinn Fire Festival celebrates the transition from summer to winter through fire-play, drumming and immersive performance. 

While the procession used to wind through the streets of Edinburg, after moving to Calton Hill, home to Edinburgh's Acropolis, no two celebrations look the same. In its first year, two processions representing Winter and Summer’s opposing forces appeared made their way toward an epic clash.

Need to Know

Because of the popularity of the event and the nature of the procession, it might be difficult to see the entirety of the festival. Even if you try and walk along with the procession, the number of people will make it difficult. 

Did you Know

Along with Samhuinn, there is also the Beltane Fire Festival on the 30 of April.

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31 October 2021

Start Date:
31 October,2021
End Date:
31 October,2021
Event Website:
United Kingdom - Scotland

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