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Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai liberation day is a public holiday in Egypt which celebrates the liberation of the land of Sinai from occupation back to Egyptian sovereignty.

It is the anniversary of the liberation of the peninsula of Sinai corresponding to April 25 annually, celebrating the day in 1982 when Egypt recovered the land of Sinai and the withdrawal of the last Israeli soldier from the city of Taba in 1988.

This came in accordance to the international peace treaty of 1979 and the settlement of the long diplomatic disputes.

On this day, Egyptians give tribute to the Egyptian officers and soldiers from the Egyptian armed forces and their sacrifices which led to the recovery of Sinai from occupation.

This day is also dedicated for celebrating the beauty of Sinai which hosts many touristic cities like Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab along the Egyptian Red Sea Riviera, being popular destinations for Egyptians and foreign tourists alike.

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