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Stars of the White Nights

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What are the Stars of the White Nights?

Celebrating the long ‘white’ nights of the St Petersburg summer, the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre puts on daily opera and ballet productions. Alongside world-class music and dance, there are also a series of carnivals many which feature costumes and historical re-enactments from the era of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

The Scarlet Sails is the most famous event of the festival, this massive fireworks display marks the end of the school year and official start of summer. As part of the event, a large sailing ship with enormous, scarlet-colored sails, floats down the Neva River accompanied by a light and music show.

Need to Know

If you would like to attend The Stars of the White Nights, you will need to plan well in advance. The Russian Federation has strict visa policies for visitors from most countries, so make sure you thoroughly check out travel rules before booking.

Did You Know?

Like many major Russian institutions, the Mariinsky has been known by many different names over the years – depending upon the prevailing political winds at the time. Many would know the Mariinsky as the Kirov State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, as it was called through most of the Communist Era. However, despite the name changes, the Mariinsky has been a cultural force in Russia since it’s inception in 1860 and has associations with some of the most famous names in ballet, including Ana Pavlova, George Balanchine and Mikhail Baryshnikov. 

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20 June 2021

Start Date:
20 June,2021
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06 September,2021
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