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Superman Celebration

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What is the Superman Celebration?

Metropolis, Illinois is the Home of Superman, and each summer holds a special celebration for the 'Man of Steel.' 

This wonderful event is suitable for the whole family. It is packed with activities  to discover whether you are a Superman novice or a Superman expert. 

Enjoy a weekend of entertainment including comic art galleries, films, celebrity appearances and competitions. 

Moreover, you can find a superbike trek, a supercar show, fun run road race, and of course costume contests. 

Need to know

While you are at the event, you can get your picture taken with everyone's favorite hero, Superman! So get your cameras and best smiles ready.

Did you know?

The Superman Celebration draw around 20,000-25,000 Superman fans every year. 

It is an amazing event and for Superman Fans this is one not to be missed! 

Click on the event website link provided and learn more about the schedule of events.

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10 June 2022


Start Date:
10 June,2022
End Date:
12 June,2022
Event Website:
North America
United States

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