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SYRUP - One Sweet Performing Arts Festival

SYRUP - One Sweet Performing Arts Festival Image Credits: Cori Urban

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This year, participants and visitors will enjoy the flexibility of two stages and a working kitchen at Shelburne Buckland Community Center. 

You can enjoy pancakes with a wide selection of local maple syrup served by a very special costumed waitstaff. 

Carrie Ferguson will perform some songs from its new album, Greatest Bits. Piti Theatre's family audiences musical "Olde Coleraine" will return to the region after a three year hiatus with award-winning Alex the Jester will perform his internationally acclaimed border-blurring gibberish-inspired clown performance for all ages. 

Olde Coleraine is a musical inspired by research inspired by research of Colrain at the dawn of the industrial revolution between 1870 - 1906. 

The production features a cast of young actors, Piti Theatre artists and local performers. In sum, it is a delicious potpourri of theatre, circus, clowning, magic, syrup tasting, food and free pickles.

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29 March 2021

Start Date:
29 March,2021
End Date:
29 March,2021
Event Website:
North America
United States

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