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The Medoc Marathon

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What is the Medoc Marathon?

The Medoc Marathon is not your average marathon, but it is perhaps the most French. Embark on a full 26.2 mile marathon, with over 20 stops along the way  to indulge in some fine wines, steak, foie gras and oysters. There will be an orchestra to cheer you on and don't forget your fancy dress! There is no other race like it in the world. Held each September the race attracts runners from over 50 countries and is limited to 8,500 participants. 

Need to Know

Even though there are lots of stops, this is still a real marathon and to qualify as a finisher contestants must complete the race in 6.5 hours. 

Did You Know

The Medoc Marathon is considered the longest marathon in the world because of all the stops along the way! 

07 September 2024


Start Date:
07 September,2024
End Date:
07 September,2024
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