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The Water Gun Festival

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What is the Water Gun Festival?

First held in 2013, the Water Gun Festival sees the streets of Sinchon, a busy university neighborhood in Seoul, closed to traffic to allow visitors to participate in a well organized water fight with a different theme each year. 

Highlights of the festival include an opening ceremony, an umbrella performance, a water concert and a unique activity known as a 'water gun wedding'. 

There are giant water slides and a host of other fun sideshows dotted around the streets for visitors to make the most of their time at the festival.

Need to know

The festival reserves special areas for families and children to take part in the fun at a more leisurely pace, so the event really does cater for all ages. 

Did you know?

The Water Gun Festival in Sinchon, Seoul has been regularly voted as the most iconic event in Seoul!

Seoul is a fantastic city to explore, so why not combine your next visit with the Water Gun Festival and you will have an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. 

Click the link provided for all the details you need on the Sinchon Water Gun Festival.      

We would like to thank GoWhereWhen.com community member David Cardonal for his fantastic shot taken at the Water Gun Festival.

You can see more of his cool images here.

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24 June 2022


Start Date:
24 June,2022
End Date:
26 June,2022
Event Website:
South Korea

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