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Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

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Join to celebrate the annual Vermont Cheesemakers Festival. 

Vermont is a world class cheese state with the highest number of cheese makers per capita: 50 of them. 

You are invited to share their passion for making exceptional cheeses, taste great local foods, wines, craft beers and spirits, and meet the artisans who make them. 

If you like cheese, you can't miss this date in Vermont! We have provided the event website link for you to find out more.

Coronavirus is causing a number of event cancellations; we provide event website links on each page for you to check the latest updates.

See our Coronavirus page here.

09 August 2020

This event has been cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19


Start Date:
09 August,2020
End Date:
09 August,2020
Event Website:
North America
United States

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