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Neptune's International Sandsculpting Championship

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What is the Neptune International Sandsculpting Championship?

Each year Virginia Beach welcomes some of the world’s best sandsculpting talent for the annual International Sandsculpting Championship. A huge tent, roughly the size of an American football field is erected and for approximately three days, these sculptors turn sand into incredible works of art! A walkway allows visitors to watch the artists in action and then the finished sculptures are available for viewing for about a week. There are also sand sculpting clinics where you can try it out for yourself and meet and greets with the sculptors.

Need to Know

The opening weekend of the sand sculpting competition coincides with the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Festival which includes live music, an 8km race, parade, regatta and one of the finest arts and craft shows in the country.

Did You Know?

The internationally recognized definition of sandsculpting dictates that the only materials that may be used to create sculptures are water (salt or fresh) and sand. The sculptures cannot have any structural supports and no pre-produced forms can be used in or on the sculpture.

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24 September 2021

Start Date:
24 September,2021
End Date:
01 October,2021
Event Website:
North America
United States

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