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Whitefish Winter Carnival

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What is the Whitefish Winter Carnival?

The Whitefish Winter Carnival is a Montana tradition since 1960.  Despite the cold, the locals and visitors troop to the streets to join a variety of events.  There are ski races, yeti snow skates, snowboard competitions, dances, dinners, kiddie carnivals, parades and fireworks! 

Need to Know

Some events need prior registration or tickets, like in the case of the Gala.  It would be good to check the schedule of events and their requirements if there are any. 

Did You Know

The Whitefish Winter Carnival  was actually based on a legend about a Nordic god named Ullr. 

02 February 2024


Start Date:
02 February,2024
End Date:
04 February,2024
Event Website:
North America
United States

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