GlobalFest – A Dazzling Calgary Festival

A world-class firework show that celebrates multiculturalism and diversity, GlobalFest is hosted each year in August over a period of about two weeks.  Countries face off head-to-head in fireworks battles—yes, they duke it out with performances in the night sky—and one winner comes out as the pyrotechnic champion.

After ten years of planning and hunting for the best location in Calgary, Elliston Park has now hosted GlobalFest for over 15 years.  It is a perfect venue for a pyrotechnic-heavy event—the lights dance and shimmer off the big lake and the grassy fields give lots of room for attendees to enjoy the show comfortably.

Calgarians love to enjoy their precious few summer days, and those summer evenings in August where the weather stays warm are best spent outside—you’ll certainly find many locals enjoying the crisp summer evenings and taking in the show.


This year, GlobalFest runs from August 16th to 25th from 6pm to 11pm.  There are fireworks shows on five of those nights, and they allow for a bit of leniency in time both so that people can attend the weekend shows and for possible weather delays.

What to Expect

This year, the event is ready to host firework teams from Spain, Ukraine, China, and Philippines.  Then, the big finale on Saturday, August 25th features a bright, unique and fin fireworks show combining the best elements from all the nights.

Beyond just fireworks, each performance will highlight artistic originality, music composition, staging and synchronization, and of course the brilliance and richness of the display itself.  All of this comes together for a wonderfully memorable summer evening.  The fireworks emulate a sense of the country they are representing and the people that have put the piece together—more than just fireworks, GlobalFest is truly about Canada’s multiculturalism.

Calgary has an excellent array of food trucks around the city, and some of the best come out to participate and feed the crowds at GlobalFest.  Expect to see big names like Fiasco Gelato serving up their sweet ice cream treats.


The cost of visiting GlobalFest is relatively inexpensive.  Tickets are $10 apiece, or you can get a 5-day event pass to see all the country’s shows for $45.  The full pass offers a bit of savings if you are in town for all five days of the festival.  Children under 5 can attend for free!

GlobalFest is an exciting Calgary festival that is perfect for families and participants of all ages.  Grab your tickets for this year’s events and get ready to be blown away by the colours and sounds of the best fireworks festival in all of Canada!