Provided a fantastic venue to experience a vibrant mix of local and international artists from the world of rock, electronic, indie, and more. The festival is in its 20th year and getting better and better.

Headlining the festival on Sunday night was one of my all time favorite acts – The Chemical Brothers. They certainly didn’t fail to impress and the crowd were singing along and joining in the eventful show. Loud, active, stirring the audience up into a frenzy with their electronic beats, it was a classic performance.

The best part of this festival for me, however, was discovering lots of really talented Korean acts, including Jannabi, Nell, and Hopipolla. Even in a foreign language, I still found myself singing along and tapping my hands and feet in time with the music. It’s amazing how good music can be, whatever the language.

This festival continues to grow each year and there’s a good reason that this is one of South Korea’s biggest and longest-running music festivals. The four stages provide a balanced mix of places to chill out, rock on, or dance the night away.

Being a Korean festival, there was a delightful mix of Korean food on offer to keep you going strong. Grab a mat, some Korean fried chicken, a cold beer, and a spot on the grass and lie back and enjoy the show. Perfect! Spread over two days, this festival is the ideal chance to get away from the city and do some camping. Staged in the Samrak Eco Park in Sasang-gu, this is a great place to enjoy the warm Korean summer nights. Bring your tent and spend the weekend immersed in live music, even going into the small hours on the special night camp stage.

Author: Joel Marrinan of