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Alba White Truffle Festival

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What is the Alba White Truffle Festival?

The Alba White Truffle festival is a celebration of the famous white truffle or tuber magnatum pico. The festival coincides with the season for the truffles which typically runs from October to early December.

During this time the town of Alba holds a series of events that make up the festival including the Alba White Truffle World Market where chefs, restauranteurs and foodies from around the world to purchase these gastronomic jewels. The festival also includes dinner and food moments, immersive sensory experiences, and local wine tastings. The festival is ultimately a celebration of the unique gastronomic heritage of Piedmont.

Did You Know?

There is no known way to cultivate the Alba White Truffle – they grow underground near the roots of certain species of trees. They are very susceptible to weather conditions and are ‘hunted’ by trained sniffer dogs. The Alba White Truffle is the most expensive in the world, costing between USD$2000-4000 a pound!

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08 October 2022


Start Date:
08 October,2022
End Date:
04 December,2022
Event Website:

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