The Azalea Festival at Nezu Shrine in Tokyo is one of my favorite flower festivals.  It draws a lot of people to a beautiful and historic place.  I’ve been to it almost every year since 2012 (only missing the 2020 event due to it being canceled by the coronavirus).  The event is a feast of color for the eyes.  The reds, the whites, and the pinks of the plants can be so vivid!  In 2019, when this picture was taken, everything was perfect.

Have you been to this event?  No?  Then you should know the shrine it is held at is said to be the most beautiful in Tokyo.  It is one of the most historic too.  You’ll find the azaleas on a hill, next to the main hall.  When the flowers bloom, Nezu can overflow with people and their cameras!

When I went in 2019, a few of the bushes hadn’t bloomed.  But, when taken as a whole, the hill looked amazing.  It was a sea of color.  I dare say they were the prettiest I had ever seen.  Actually, if you go, go in the afternoon.  One thing I’ve learned after going there many times is that if you go in the morning, shadows can be problematic.

And the weather was great too.  It wasn’t too cold nor too warm.  The temperature was in the perfect zone!  I certainly didn’t make any complaints.

As you can see, there weren’t many visitors while I was there.  Why?  I went on a weekday afternoon.  That was good as it made getting pictures easy.  If you go on a weekend or public holiday, you will see how packed this little place can be!

The Azalea Festival at Nezu shrine is one of the best flower events in Tokyo.  It draws visitors from across the world.  If you are a flower lover this event should be on your bucket list!

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